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Domestic automatic doors

Domestic automated door installations

Simply push a button and your door opens - our domestic automatic doors are convenient to use, and ideal for wheelchair users, providing a greater amount of space combined with ease of opening.

We are now offering domestic automatic door installations to our customers - serving everywhere from Tamworth to Birmingham, to our home of Sutton Coldfield.

Autoslide patio door

Autoslide is a compact system designed to automate patio sliding doors. The system consists of a motor device, electronic controller and low voltage DC.

Autoslide provides easy access for anyone carrying an armful of goods in and out of their home. They also prove extremely useful for pet owners, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Doormatic Swing Door

This automatic door opener helps you enjoy your surroundings even more. Your doors will open automatically with a remote control or optional movement detector. With a simple push or pull on the door, it will open automatically.

  • Activation by remote, motion, push and go
  • Designed for use on a variety of doors
  • Dust free and quiet
  • Easy to configure to your needs